One Opinion About Cambodian Food

The staple foods for the people of Cambodia are rice and fish. Cambodian like to eat rice, fresh or dried fish and rice noodles.

Prohoc is a Cambodian dish that the inhabitants of Cambodia think that the foreigners will not be able to eat. This is a special dish that is comprised of rotten fish being left to fermentation to form a fish paste. This is eaten with rice. This food item has a strong taste that is not usually liked by everyone.

One of the interesting facts about Cambodian foods that you should know is that the Cambodian feel cheese must always taste like the paste made of rotten fish.

Hot peppers, lemon grass, ginger and mint are some of the favorite, hot seasoning items in Cambodian cuisine.

Like everyone, even Cambodian like to have desserts after the main course and they prefer the sweeter ones. The desserts are usually prepared from either fruit or rice. Owing to the weather conditions, especially in the countryside it is difficult to keep ice cream cold, however, it is quite popular in the urban areas. Cambodian like tea and coffee equally and they prefer to consume them with sugary, undiluted milk.

The food preferences Cambodian are very similar to those of Thai and Chinese but definitely not the same. Even though Cambodia and Vietnam share a border, the culture and food preferences are very different. In fact, Cambodian architecture, food preferences, etc are more like Thai than Vietnamese. If you traveled to Vietnam and to Cambodia, you will find that the cuisine in each country is very different. You will usually find soups made of coconut milk and spices that are a lot like Thai cuisine and not at all like Vietnamese.

Cambodian cooking is not quite famous all over the world. But the cooking industry is fairly staunch in the country itself.

Below is a recipe of one of the most popular dishes of Cambodia known as the Sach ko char spee khieu which is made of beef with crunchy Chinese Broccoli. The required ingredients for preparing this dish are as follows:

½ lb. Lean beef delicately cut
1 lb. Chopped Chinese broccoli
2 shredded cloves garlic
One cut yellow onion
Cooking oil ( 2 table spoon)
Fish paste (1 table spoon)
Soy Sauce (1 table spoon)
Oyster sauce (1 Table spoon)

Sugar (1 table spoon)
Cornstarch (1/2 table spoon)
Water (¼ cup)
Black pepper (¼ tea spoon)

How to prepare:

First mix the cornstarch with water in a small bowl along with oyster sauce, fish paste and sugar. Then blend garlic with soy sauce in another bowl.
Pre heat the skillet to a reasonably high temperature. Then add cooking oil. Stir-fry the onion and broccoli stems along with the beef. Then put in the Chinese broccoli leaves. After that, mix thoroughly, cover it and wait for a few minutes.

Put the sauce mixes in and blend until the sauce becomes thick. Then you add black pepper. After this, the dish is ready to serve with rice.

Sambath Sim